Information For Candidates

Police Authority Presentation to Candidates

In order to be as open and transparent as possible the Derbyshire Police Authority will be publishing any information given to Police and Crime Commissioner Candidates.
At the Chief Constable's Familiarisation meeting on 21st August 2012, the Chief Executive of the Police Authority gave a brief but wide-ranging presentation on the Executive Office. A copy of the presentation can be read by opening the link on the right hand side of this page entitled 'PCC Briefing Day 210812'.
A letter was sent to known potential candidates inviting any who might wish for a one-to-one meeting with the Chief Executive to contact the General Office (01773 733771) and  meetings were arranged. A copy of the letter is attached on the right hand side of this page entitled "Invitation letter HB to PCC Candidates 230812". 
One-to-one's have now been held with several potential PCC Candidates. To see who has met with the Chief Executive click on the link entitled 'Schedule of one-to-one meetings 081012'.
Where prospective Police and Crime Commissioner candidates have asked at meetings or submitted questions to the Chief Executive, in the spirit of transparency and fairness to all, the questions and answers are published. To view these, either click on the links below or on the icons on the right of this page:-
Financial information extracted from the Police Authority budget meeting in February 2012, and detailed Executive budget information for 2012-13 was provided in hard copy. See the links below or click on the icons on the right of this page to view the information:-

HMIC offer to meet prospective Police and Crime Commissioner Candidates
HMIC are offering all PCC candidates the opportunity to meet the HMI covering their force. These one-to-one meetings will allow prospective candidates to learn more about HMIC, their role and how they can support PCCs.

The dates and locations where HMIs will be available, along with more information about how to arrange a meeting can be found on the HMIC website.