Election Information

Who can stand for election?

Candidates must:

  • be a British, Commonwealth or EU citizen
  • be 18 years of age or over
  • be resident in the police force area

Restrictions on candidacy include a conviction for an imprisonable offence, and being a serving civil servant, judge, police officer, member of police staff or member of a police authority or member of the regular armed forces.

How to stand for election

The first election is scheduled for Thursday 15th November 2012.  For further details please click here.

For the latest Home Office bulletins please click on the link below:-


Election Information

The election of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire will take place on the 15th November 2012.

You can vote in the election of your PCC if you are resident in Derbyshire and you are:

  • a British citizen living in the UK
  • registered to vote as a crown servant or member of the armed services
  • a European Union citizen living in the UK
  • a Commonwealth citizen legally resident in the UK
  • over 18 years of age on the 15th November 2012  

The Supplementary voting system has been chosen for the PCC elections as this is currently the system used to elect Mayors, the closest existing role to PCC's. This means that voters will be asked to select their first and second preferences dependant on the number of candidates on the ballot paper. 

The Police Area Returning Officer will liaise with and co-ordinate the work of Local Returning Officers, who will verify the number of votes cast, soon after the close of polls. The count of the votes for each candidate will be done centrally at Alfreton Leisure Centre starting at 12 noon on 16 November 2012.  The Police Area Returning Officer will declare the result of the election.

For more information about the elections and voting please refer to the website links below for the Home Office, the Electoral Commission and Amber Valley Councils websites.





Polling Stations

Please click on the link below which will take you to the website for Derbyshire's Police Area Returning Officer and you can enter your postcode and find your nearest polling station: