The regular committee meetings held by the Police Authority enable us to monitor Derbyshire Constabulary and evaluate its performance. To view the timetable of when these committees will meet in 2011-12, click here.

A set of papers comprising of an agenda, minutes and reports is published seven days in advance of the next scheduled meeting. You can view the papers for these forthcoming meetings in the Meetings section. To view previous sets of papers go to the Previous Meetings page in the same section.

Police Authority members sit on different committees depending on their skills, interests and experience.  

Derbyshire Police Authority Committee

Chair - Cllr Philip Hickson                   Vice-Chair - None 

All 17 members of the Authority attend full Police Authority committee meetings. The Chief Constable and members of the senior officer team, Police Authority officers and members of the public and press also attend.

The meetings are held on a regular basis to ensure that appropriate governance arrangements are in place to ascertain that the Constabulary is working in an efficient and effective manner. Duties include agreeing the amount of police precept to be included in the council tax each year, final approval of major projects and appointing a Chair and Vice-Chair for the forthcoming year at the June AGM meetings.

Att the AGM on 21 June 2012 the members voted for Cllr Philip Hickson to return as Chair of the Authority, and Cllr Alan Charles to return as Vice-Chair. Cllr Charles resigned from the Police Authority on Monday 15 October 2012 in order to stand as a PCC candidate for Derbyshire.

At the meeting of 11th September 2008 it was agreed that a member of the public may ask a question of the committee. A maximum of 30 minutes will be allocated at the beginning of each meeting for public questions.

Questions can only be accepted in writing, either by post or email, and must be received by the Chief Executive of the Police Authority no later than midday, three working days before the meeting. No person or organisation may raise more than two questions at any one meeting.

Each question must address the Chairman of the Authority and must contain the questioners' name and address. Questions should be sent to the following address:-

Mrs H A Boffy BSc CPFA
Chief Executive & Treasurer
Derbyshire Police Authority
Butterley Hall

Alternatively, you can email:- 

Corporate Governance Committee

To approve internal and external audit programmes and fees. To oversee the provision of an adequate and effective internal audit; to receive progress reports on the internal audit work plan and to consider appropriate action arising them these.

Terms of Reference for Corporate Governance Committee

Citizen Focus and Partnership Committee

To co-ordinate and develop the activities of the Authority in respect of its membership of Community Safety and similar partnerships. Responsible for public consultation work undertaken by or on the behalf of the Police Authority. This committee also oversees the completion of the policing summaries.

Terms of Reference for Citizen Focus & Partnership Committee

Resources Committee

To scrutinise the financial and HR management of both the Authority and the Force in order to secure value for money and the optimum use of all resources.

Terms of Reference for Resources Committee

Standards Committee

Responsible for promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct of Police Authority members by monitoring compliance with the Members' Code of Conduct.

Terms of Reference for Standards Committee

Strategic Policing Committee

To promote, support and monitor developments in regional collaboration working alongside the East Midlands Joint Committee and the Collaboration Board and to also provide an oversight on developments in the region and nationally in the areas of Counter Terrorism and Protective Services

Terms of Reference for Strategic Policing Committee