Local Confidence Survey 2010

Derbyshire Constabulary has just completed its first local confidence survey. The survey obtained the views of over 5,400 residents of Derbyshire on issues relating to policing in local communities and public confidence in the service provided by Derbyshire Constabulary.

The force is grateful to members of the public who have given their time to respond to this survey. The results will be used to help the force to further improve the quality of service they provide.

The survey shows that 72.8 per cent of respondent stated they were very or fairly confident with their local police when asked the direct question:

"How confident are you in your local police?"

In addition to this question, the force are also required to ask a question by the Home Office, that assesses people's perception on the effectiveness of the police working in partnership with local councils. This is in line with the governments single numeric target to improve confidence.

The overall force target is based upon a question within the British Crime Survey. As a supplement to this, police forces and authorities are expected to conduct more localised surveys, including the same question as below, within the local communities:

"The police and local council are dealing with the anti social behaviour and crime issues that matter in this area"

The results are a percentage of the respondents that stated they either strongly agreed or tended to agree with the above statement. For your local results please click on the below link for your area: