Police Authority commends strong performance achievements


Posted on 30th January 2012

Police in Derbyshire are making continued progress this year in their fight to drive down crime rates and make the county safer, it has been revealed.

Latest performance figures presented to Derbyshire Police Authority show the force made sweeping reductions across many categories of crime between April and December 2011 thanks to a series of tough enforcement operations targeting problem areas.

Overall crime fell by 5.2% between April and December last year which represents 2,620 fewer offences and places Derbyshire in first place in the region for crime reduction.

Violent crime and Serious Acquisitive Crime (SAC) levels, which are traditionally of high concern to residents, saw dramatic reductions in the first nine months of the year with assault with less serious injury seeing a reduction of -22.2% (1,338 offences) and SAC recording a -10.3% drop (795 offences).

Serious Acquisitive Crime is the term used by the Home Office to group incidents of burglary, theft and robbery. Derbyshire Constabulary recently launched a special operation designed to stem metal thefts across the region which was hugely successful. 

Operation Calanthia was the first of its kind in the country and utilised a range of resources including community messaging encouraging the public to warn police about suspicious vehicle drivers seeking scrap.  The operation saw incidents of metal theft (including copper, iron, steel and lead) fall from 277 crimes in September 2011 to 156 in December 2011. Figures so far in January are also showing significant improvement. 

The latest performance figures show Derbyshire is not only recording lower crime levels it is also solving more offences with the all crime resolution rate improving from 33.6% last year to 37% between April and December – placing the force second within the region.

Meanwhile, satisfaction levels among the public are also improving. A total of 70.6% of people have confidence in the police in their local area and 82.7% of crime victims surveyed say they are satisfied with the action taken by staff and officers.

Philip Hickson, chairman of Derbyshire Police Authority, said: “The Police Authority continues to be impressed with the performance success achieved by the force, especially when viewed in the context of the challenging financial circumstances we have found ourselves in and the impact of these on our resources.

“The Police Authority is very alert to the dangers of economising on such a large scale but I’m delighted that these fears appear to be unfounded so far and that we have continued to maintain our progress against all odds. Residents should be reassured by these figures that despite the economic challenges of late, the force and Police Authority continue to do everything possible to improve their experience of the policing service and make them safer.”


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