Police Authority member joins officers on patrol in Chesterfield


Posted on 30th January 2012

Derbyshire Police Authority member Tony Rogers joined Derbyshire police as they responded to emergency calls across Chesterfield and the surrounding areas on a Saturday night.

Cllr Rogers, who is the Authority’s lead on Neighbourhood Policing for C Division, witnessed first-hand the good work of officers in the area and the variety of incidents they deal with to ensure the public are safe. He also visited a number of Neighbourhood Policing bases within the division.

The visit was arranged to allow Cllr Rogers to understand the nature of the police work undertaken in the division and the efforts of local officers to drive down crime. Members regularly visit officers on patrol to get a better insight into the issues they face which assists them in their scrutiny work over the force.

Cllr Rogers, who joined Derbyshire Police Authority in 2001 and is also deputy Liberal Democrat leader of Derbyshire County Council, said: “This was an extremely valuable experience. As a member of the Police Authority it’s important we know exactly what the police have to contend with as they go about their duties and how their actions protect the public.

“With the exception of one call, it was as quiet as a church mouse everywhere within the Borough but we covered every crook and cranny to remain visible and ensure we were ready to respond if needed.

“In many cases, the Safer Neighbourhood Teams I visited had taken their own initiative to help reduce crime, raising funds to provide young people with an alternative to a life of crime. Without the personal sacrifice made by these officers we would not have the satisfaction of falling anti-social rates in parts of the county.

“The two officers who accompanied me during the visit were superb and a pleasure to be with and I would like to thank them for taking the time to show me what their work entails.”

Community Safety Inspector Dave Stone added: “I am grateful to Councillor Rogers for taking the time to go on patrol with our officers and visit some of our Safer Neighbourhood teams to find out about the variety of incidents we deal with on a daily basis.

“It is important for members of the Police Authority to meet frontline officers and I think the visit benefited both the officers and Councillor Rogers.”



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