Derbyshire residents satisfied with police efforts to reduce crime


Posted on 1st October 2012

MORE than eight in every 10 people living and working in Derbyshire feel very or fairly safe, new figures have revealed.

The results of a major survey across the county to record public perception about crime has revealed an overwhelming majority of the population (85.9%) feel secure.

The annual Have Your Say consultation exercise, run by Derbyshire Police Authority and Derbyshire Constabulary, involved public events across the county where members of the public gave feedback about a variety of local issues connected to antisocial behaviour.  This year the questions focused specifically on antisocial behaviour, instead of issues such as organised crime and counter terrorism, which have been covered in previous programmes.

The initiative generated a total of 2,462 responses, 1,714 of which were face-to-face and 748 online or postal.

One of the key findings uncovered by the research was 76.4% of Derbyshire residents feel very or fairly satisfied with how the police deal with crime and anti-social behaviour in their area.

The results also show 75.1% of people believe that the police are doing an excellent or good job in their local area and a further 19.6% feel that the Force is doing a fair job.

This year, ‘speeding motorists’ was identified as the public’s top priority for the Force followed by inconsiderate parking and traffic issues, drug related activity, underage drinking and young people congregating. These are the issues that have been consistently expressed by the public as their top priorities over the past three years.

It was also clear that the public wish to see action regarding incidents of anti-social behaviour and youth problems being tackled.

The Have Your Say programme is the county’s largest annual police consultation and provides residents with help to resolve their crime concerns as well as record their feedback, with residents able to have one-to-one discussions with the people responsible for fighting crime in their neighbourhoods.

The data will now be analysed to identify trends and geographical variations before being fed back to the Police Authority and the public.

In November, Derbyshire will welcome its first-ever directly-elected Police and Crime Commissioner. One of the PCC’s first key duties in office will be to publish a Police and Crime Plan, which will be heavily influenced by the results of this public opinion poll.

Philip Hickson, chairman of Derbyshire Police Authority, said: “A focal role of the incoming PCC will be to support and champion the voice of the public and this valuable data will provide a platform upon which to set the strategic direction of the Force next year.

“The feedback generated by the Have Your Say consultation shows once again that residents, on the whole, feel happy and safe living in the county and are satisfied with the work the police are undertaking to improve their safety and quality of life.

“While crime reduction underpins all our decision-making processes, the Authority and Force are also committed to meeting, and if possible exceeding, public expectations in service quality. We realise that by improving the perception of our work, we can greatly influence how safe and confident people feel and events such as Have Your Say will help us communicate our messages more effectively in the future.”


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