Derbyshire residents invited to help set policing priorities


Posted on 27th May 2011

POLICE chiefs in Derbyshire are poised to launch the county’s largest ever face-to-face consultation exercise to gauge public feeling on policing matters.

The Have Your Say programme begins on June 2 in Hilton and is the first in a series of events which will see members of Derbyshire Police Authority and Neighbourhood Policing Teams interacting with the communities they serve.

From June to September, police authority representatives and local officers will be visiting schools, community events, colleges, supermarkets and shopping centres to gather direct feedback from the public.

Residents will be asked to take part in a questionnaire to find out information such as how confident or satisfied they are with the service, whether they are aware of their Safer Neighbourhood Team, is the service providing value for money and what is the most important task for the police in their area.

People will also be asked to prioritise different categories of crime according to what they perceive as the biggest problem in their area, how safe they feel and why they do or do not feel safe and questions about the impact of anti-social behaviour.

The results of the questionnaire will help shape future services and prioritise resources to ensure local people’s needs and concerns are being met. The information will also be shared with Community Safety Partnerships to help improve satisfaction levels.

The events are taking place on different days (including Saturdays) and at different times to ensure as many people as possible can attend. They are also being held in a number of locations to gain opinion across all of Derbyshire’s diverse communities.

The questionnaire will be posted online on both the Constabulary and Authority’s website to allow members of the public missing the events to still provide feedback.

Philip Hickson, chairman of Derbyshire Police Authority, said: “The Have Your Say events are a fantastic opportunity for the public to directly influence the decisions made about policing in their county and I strongly recommend people attend.

“It’s no secret that we are facing challenging times financially which has affected the way our resources are distributed so it is imperative that residents let us know which areas they think we need to focus most and where our funding priorities should lie.

“The very nature of Neighbourhood Policing has helped build a stronger relationship between the Constabulary and our communities and this consultation is an extension of that commitment.

“Our determination to deliver high quality policing is unwavering, irrespective of our funding situation. We want to build a police force that our communities can be proud of but we need the public to inform us of their expectations so we can implement the necessary plans to achieve this goal.”

Last year 3,162 people completed questionnaires during the consultation exercise while 146 posted feedback and 137 responded online.

Full details of the outcome of this year’s consultation will be made available online.

The first event will take place in Hilton by the Hilton Brook Public House in Witham Close from 9am to 3pm. Details of further events will be posted online.



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