Derbyshire Police Authority Fully Supportive of Constabulary


Posted on 11th August 2011

Derbyshire Police Authority says that the Constabulary has worked incredibly hard to ensure the county remains safe for its residents during the unrest seen in other areas.

The Police Authority has been fully involved in the strategy to keep the troubles seen in other parts of the East Midlands out of Derbyshire, meeting daily with representatives from the Constabulary.

The Police Authority’s Chairman Cllr Philip Hickson said today: “The work that has been undertaken really is commendable and we fully support the Constabulary’s approach to the problems faced across the country. We are pleased that the Constabulary has been able to provide assistance to other forces, but reassured that a proper measured approach to policing our area has been maintained throughout.

“The start, and subsequent spread, of these disturbances came completely out of the blue, and it’s particularly impressive to see how the training and professionalism of our officers helps them meet this new challenge effectively. Not only should we thank all the officers and staff who have been working tirelessly to keep the county’s communities safe, but we should recognise their dedication in very difficult circumstances.

“We are aware that some people may have concerns at this time which is why we will continue to scrutinise the work being carried out very closely. However, we are really fortunate in Derbyshire to have strong, law abiding communities and this is proving invaluable in the Constabulary’s ability to police the county in these difficult times. 

“Questions have inevitably been raised about the resources available to provide policing at this level in these challenging times. The Authority has always been clear that public safety is the highest priority, and has ensured that there are adequate funds put aside to meet unforeseen demands such as this.

“We have pledged to keep Derbyshire as one of the safest counties, and that is just what we are doing in the most testing of circumstances.”



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