Derbyshire residents trust police to do a good job


Posted on 10th August 2011

Interim results from Derbyshire Police Authority’s latest consultation show that almost nine out of 10 residents in Derbyshire feel safe living in their neighbourhood.

The figures were announced after responses from the first 15 events in the current Have Your Say consultation programme were analysed and show an overwhelming number of people feel secure living in their community (88.5%) – while 34.8% feel “very safe”.  The final results will be published after the last event in September.

The majority of residents (89.2%) also told the Authority they were confident with the general policing in their local area. A further 35.9% of respondents saying they felt “very confident” with policing.

Meanwhile, 78.8% of people who have taken part in the consultation so far said they were satisfied with the way police deal with crime and anti-social behaviour in their area and 30.1% admitted to being “very satisfied”.

The events, which are being held at schools, colleges, supermarkets and shopping centres, run up to the end of September and full details can be found on both the police authority and force’s website.  Anyone who is unable to attend can put their views across via the online version of the survey which is accessible via both websites.

Carole Brister, chairman of Authority’s Citizen Focus Group, said: “The preliminary results of the consultation are very encouraging and suggest Derbyshire Police Authority and Constabulary is generally meeting public expectations in terms of quality of service. However, there is always room for improvement and we are always keen to receive valuable feedback from our communities to learn how we can do things better.

“Events such as these provide us with a valuable insight into the public’s perception of police work in the county and allow us to steer the organisation forward to improve the service residents receive. They also strengthen our relationship with our communities and allow us to resolve those issues which matter most to them.

“Our county-wide consultation is enabling us to collect a pool of valuable information to ensure we’re investing taxpayer’s money in the right areas and I would urge anyone who has not yet taken part to come along to one of the remaining events and tell us about their priorities. The more comprehensive picture we build, the better the outcome for our communities.”

The initial results of the consultation show public awareness of Safer Neighbourhood Teams is good with 64.1% of residents knowing about the existence of the teams and most people (32.6%) see increased visibility/police presence as the most important aspect of policing.

Drug dealing and supply was ranked as the top policing priority for residents at 11.2% followed by protecting vulnerable people (10.9%) and groups of nuisance youths (8.8%).

The Have Your Say programme is the county’s largest-ever police consultation and provides residents with help to resolve their crime concerns as well as record their feedback.

Hundreds of people have attended so far for one-to-one advice and support from force and police authority representatives on the issues which affect their communities.

Through interacting with residents, police chiefs been able to identify a host of problems, predominantly focused around persistent anti-social behaviour, and have taken steps to tackle them for the benefit of the neighbourhood.

Last year 3,162 people completed questionnaires during the consultation exercise while 146 posted feedback and 137 responded online.



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